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Order Kamagra

Ordering Kamagra has never been so affordable.
Within a few clicks, erection solution is delivered to your house.
The cheapest Kamagra webshop of the Benelux.
Our team has over 10 years of experience.
We have now chosen only the products that work best.
Besides Kamagra, we also sell others types of erectile drugs.

Do you want to order genuine Kamagra?

Order your Kamagra at Kamagrabestellen.shop.
Our webshop buys directly from the manufacturer, so we have the lowest price!
All orders are delivered within 1 – 2 working days.
Never pay too much for your erection products again.
Onlygenuine Kamagra can be ordered from us.
Beware of taking fake Kamagra can be deadly.
Note 1 in 10 Kamagra strips are fake.
Also always check the expiry date before use!
Should you doubt you can always ask us if it is real!

Order Kamagra discretely.

We guarantee your privacy by delivering safely and discreetly.
Our webshop sends orders in a blank bubble envelope.
You can pay by bank transfer.
Belgian orders are shipped discretely in Belgium.
It is also possible to pay with bitcoins .
Don’t have any experience with bitcoins? Ask our customer service.
If you have any other wishes or recommendations, please let us know.

Should I order Kamagra?

If you experience erection problems, we recommend Kamagra.
We receive e-mails from satisfied customers on a daily basis.
Try Kamagra and let it turn out what Kamagra can do for you.
Give your love life a new boost.
And get your self-confidence back in full.

How can I order Kamagra?

Simply select a product of your choice in our web shop.
After your payment has arrived, you will be sent thesame day.
Orders that do not come from the Netherlands are sent in Belgium.
For orders of 50 euros or more, no shipping costs will be charged.
Kamagrabestellen.shop always has great offers.
Cheap Kamagra order at 5 discount due to our fixed discount code.
In addition, we also give away a free Kamagra strip with every order!
We also keep super cheap offers every week.
You can also subscribe to our newsletter.

Order safely

Unfortunately there are too many Kamagra webshops out there that are not reliable.
The products are fake or not delivered at all.
Kamagrabestellen.shop strives for perfection!
Our webshop bears seals of approval.
We also have a license.
We do not sell products to persons under 18 years of age!
For the use of erection agents always consult your GP.

How do erectile products work?

Learn how Kamagra and other erectile products exactly work right here.
Need more information about Kamagra? Check it out here.
You can always ask us questions if you have any more questions.


Viagra is almost the same as Kamagra, there is the same active ingredient in Kamagra.
Pfizer had brought a new drug to the market in 1998 against heart problems.
When users found out that you also got an erection there was patent pending.
In 2000 that patent expired and then Ajanta pharma started counterfeiting Viagra under the name Kamagra.

Tadalafil or Sildenafil?

When you are looking for an erection agent there are many species.
In All Erection agents there are 2 substances.
1. Tadalafil

This remedy makes a penis more easily stiff for 36 hours!

2. Sildenafil

This medicine ensures that a penis remains stiff for 5 hours.
However, nowadays people use Tadalafil much more often.
Also, taking Tadalafil is cheaper as Sildenafil.

Ordered today in house tomorrow

If you ordered Kamagra or erection pills today you will have them tomorrow in your home!
Unfortunately it can also occur that it takes 1 day extra due to crowds.
Monday TM Friday all orders are shipped every day.
Is there a problem with your order? Please contact us.
We respond to your mail within 24 hours.

5% Discount for everyone!

5% discount on every order for everyone.
Try it out and see how quickly you get cheap erection aids delivered at home.
We also accept small orders under 10euro.
Would you like extra 5% discount? Please use: KMG5
Never pay too much for your Erectile dysfunction medicine

Bpost/Post NL

All Dutch Order’s are shipped in the Netherlands.
All Belgian order’s are shipped in Belgium.
International Order’s are shipped in Belgium.


Peter: Always delivered in 2 days at home, I’ll definitely come back!
Rens: Absolutely super by kamagrabecouples. Shop I have confidence again.

Using Kamagra

Kamagra can best be taken 1 hour in advance.
Always Drink and eat before you use Kamagra.
Never take Kamagra on a more sober stomach.
Never use Kamagra in combination with alcohol.

Not satisfied? Refund!

When you order Kamagra, you want to be sure that the product is delivered.
If there are any problems, you can contact our customer service 24/7.
Our customer service is available 24/7 and handles all problems and questions within 24 hours!

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