Sildamax Have you ever thought about buying it? Maybe you are suffering with erectile dysfunction, or maybe you are just curious about how Sildamax works and what it could do for you and your sex life. Whatever the reason for your curiosity towards this product is, this article aims to answer every question you might


Viagra and alcohol

Viagra and alcohol Erectile dysfunction is a condition that seems to affect men of all ages, though the likelihood increases withage. Luckily though, this problem is easily treatable. Nowadays, there are various options of relief on offer, the most commonly known being Viagra. However, one might wonder if the consumption of alcohol affects the effect


Sildamax Sildamax is an erectile dysfunction treatment just like Viagra. It is often being compared to it but with one big difference. Sildamax isn’t licensed, and it’s illegal to prescribe it in the UK. Even though these two products have the same goal and similar consistency, there are still concerns about the product’s safety and

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I took Viagra

I am a woman, and I took Viagra Viagra has been on the market for a long time since 1998. Its purpose is to bring help to men who have erectile dysfunction. It helped millions and millions of men worldwide bring sexual satisfaction when it seemed nothing else would work. But could the same drug

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hard in 5 seconds

  How to get hard in 5 seconds It is good to know that every man faces erection problems at some point in their lives. It is normal, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Getting an erection is a process of many factors, and therefore there are so many things that can make

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How long does Viagra last?

How long does Viagra last? Viagra is a common medication that consists of Sildenafil that kindles erection in men called erectile dysfunction and increases the blood pressure. Erectile dysfunction is the disability to get erected, which prevents sexual intercourse. To treat erectile dysfunction, Viagra is commonly used as a medicine. Although various factors affect the

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Can women take Viagra?

Can women take Viagra? Viagra leads your blood flow to increase to the genital, which ends up in an erection in men. Pfizer, a company that produces the Viagra, estimates that several million men have erectile problems in the UK. It has widespread usage in men, but the questions arise if Viagra could work for

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buy viagra from drugstore

  buy viagra from drugstore Buying Viagra is a drug that is normally only available on a doctor’sprescription. For example, erection drugs have previously only been available at the pharmacy, making it impossible to buy viagra from a drugstore. Should it be the case that you had not been prescribed a prescription for the erection

best erection pill 2020

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