How does Kamagra work?

How does Kamagra work?

Kamagra makes sure that the blood vessels are opened up, so that the blood can flow through more easily
This will give the penis more blood and causes an erection.
Officially, it was first a heart medication.
After patients took this medicine they noticed that getting an erection was much easier.
That’s when Pfizer applied for a patent on it, and that’s how Viagra was created.
When the patent expired, Ajanta Pharma in India started to duplicate it under the name Kamagra.

How well does Kamagra work?

99% of men who take Kamagra notice immediate results within 1 hour!
Only for 1% of the men Kamagra will not work.
Truly a miracle cure.
So you are guaranteed that if you have an erectile dysfunction, this can be solved immediately with Kamagra.

How many men have an erectile dysfunction?

No less than 14 percent of men in the Netherlands suffer from erectile dysfunction.
Especially after a man has passed the age of 45, the symptoms increase.
This is due to the fact that a man now produces less testosterone.
Testosterone is largely responsible for erections.
It is also common for men to get an erection but the penis does not get hard.

What do users say about Kamagra?

All users who have taken Kamagra are very satisfied.
They notice that their penis became harder and so they can fully enjoy sex.
Also, men regain their full self-confidence.
In addition, the partners are also super satisfied with their sex life.

How many men use Kamagra?

No less than 3% of all men in the Netherlands use Kamagra.
Worldwide, no less than 1 billion people take erectile products every day.
What would the world be like if there were no erection products?

Side effects

Due to the workings of Kamagra, there can also be side effects.

1. Headache
2. Muscle ache
3. Priapism
5. Dizzyness
6. Flatulence
7. Trouble breathing
8. High blood pressure
9. Getting used to a hard erection
10. Increased sex drive

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