Kamagra Jelly

What is Kamagra and is it the same as Viagra?

Kamagra itself is not a drug, but the brand name of a compound that stimulates the blood flow to the penis, making it easier to achieve an erection.
Kamagra does not work mentally, it ensures better blood circulation.
You don’t feel aroused or horny after use.
It is not possible to get aroused by this stimulant, there must be a desire for sex to get an erection.
Kamagra makes it easier to get an erection if you are sexually stimulated.
An erection lasts about 4 hours.

Active substance

The active substance in Kamagra is Sildenafil.
It’s marketed by the pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma.
Pfizer has the patent on Sildenafil.
Ajanta Pharma is a listed company in India and a leader in the field of erection products worldwide!

What exactly does Kamagra do?

Sildenafil inhibits a certain enzyme (PDE-5) which causes the blood vessels in the penis to relax and fill up with blood.
This effect occurs half an hour to an hour after ingestion and lasts for 5 hours.
Because the blood vessels are relaxed and stay that way for 5 hours, an erection can occur easier after sexual stimulation.

Side effects

Common side effects are headaches and blushing.
Less often mentioned are stomach complaints and dizziness and blurred vision.
Taking a higher dose than prescribed does not improve getting an erection.
It does, however, increase the side effects.
However, in general side effects are not that bad, only 3% of all men suffer from side effects.

When are you not allowed to use Kamagra?

Erectile products should not be used if you have heart problems.
Also, it should not be used if you suffer from an allergic reaction to the drug.
Always discuss with your doctor whether you are allowed to use Viagra.
Always read the leaflet for contraindications and side effects.
Never use erection products under the age of 18!

Order without doctor prescription

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We strongly discourage the use of poppers and erectile products at the same time!
Poppers also dilate the blood vessels, causing the blood pressure to drop.
Never drink too much alcohol before using Kamagra.
Also, never use drugs when using erectile products.

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