Payment information

Kamagra payment information

When you want to pay for Kamagra you want to know which payment methods we accept.
We currently only accept bank transfers and bitcoins.

Pay Kamagra via bank transfer

If you make the correct choice, you can pay by bank transfer to our IBAN account number.
In the payment description, enter your order number, for example: 456
Never describe Kamagra or erection pills in your payment description!
It always takes 1-2 working days before we receive your payment.
Once the money is in our account, your order will be shipped the same day.

Paying for Kamagra with bitcoin

Our webshop currently also accepts bitcoin or altcoins.
This makes it possible to order completely anonymous.
Don’t have any experience with bitcoins yet?
Here’s a handy link that will help you.
You can also always mail us to get more information to pay for Kamagra in bitcoins.

Paying for Kamagra with Paypal

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay via Paypal
Paypal does not want to receive payments from a Kamagra site unfortunately.

Paying for Kamagra with Ideal

Unfortunately it is not possible to pay via Ideal.
In the past we have used it but unfortunately we were blocked every time.
This has caused many problems, which is why we now only accept bank transfers.

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